Contributing to TARDIS

TARDIS is hosted on GitHub and open source. This makes it easy for you to submit bug reports or directly propose changes via pull requests.

Reporting a Bug

It is our goal to enable robust and reliable services, and that means we try to chase every single bug. However, there is so little time in a day – so please help us help you!

In case you find a security vulnerability, do NOT open an issue. Email instead.

  • Avoid reporting issues that are already being worked on:

    • Exclude version issues: Test whether the issue also occurs with the most recent version of TARDIS.

    • Check previous reports: Have a look at previous reports if any of those matches your issue. Feel free to comment on open issues, especially when they are old.

  • Isolate the cause of the issue:

    • Identify where in the code the issue occurs, and under which conditions. Try to build a complete, verifiable example that is as small as possible.

    • Even if you can fix the code yourself, consider whether our API misled you. There are some errors which cannot be prevented, only mitigated.

  • Open an issue ticket with as much information as possible:

    • Use a title that describes the general, underlying problem. Remember that other people may search through reported issues.

    • Describe both the desired behaviour you expected, as well as actual behaviour you observed.

    • Provide basic code that reproduces or at least illustrates your setup. If the error caused an Exception, include the traceback.

Submitting Fixes and Features

We welcome direct contributions of code and documentation, but also need to maintain the current and future quality of TARDIS. The better you integrate with the development style of TARDIS, the more likely and faster we can include your contribution.

  • Locate your contribution with respect to ongoing development:

    • Check the open issues if they are fixed by your changes. If there is no open issue yet, it might be a good idea to create one for documentation.

    • Check the open pull requests if they are similar to your changes. Make sure to assess how your contribution relates to conflicting changes.

  • Open a pull request for your changes:

    • Use a title that describes the contribution as clearly as possible. For new features, prepend WIP: to the title to show that it needs discussion.

    • Provide a description of the changes, ideally with a short example. Include references to all related issues and pull requests.

  • Stand by while we review and inspect your contribution

    • A contribution MUST pass the continuous integration inspection. This runs flake8 and black on the code and unit tests.

    • A contribution MUST include unit tests if it adds new features. It SHOULD NOT decrease the unit test coverage.

Code Style

  • The TARDIS code base is following the PEP8 code style.

  • To ensure a uniform code style and line breaking we enforce to use the black code formatter